Friday, May 7, 2010

Epic Fail in April

Well, we are over a week into May, and I only finished one of the minis I had hoped to get through last month. I got a lot of painting done, but nothing resulted in a finished product except for the Blood Angels Sternguard Sergeant.

I had planned on entering the Under the Couch website painting contest with one of the Helldorado Immortals. He was coming along quite nicely, until I got to the NMM Gold parts. I've never tried NMM before, so there was no way in Hell I was going to rush it. I hope to bring the whole Helldorado Immortals range to GenCon 2011 for the painting contest anyway, so no hurry.

I didn't start on The Sanguinor yet. I'm itching to give Darren Latham's WD painting article a try though. He will have to wait until I turn out a few of the other BA Characters. I need to make some sales, so I will paint the guys like Astorath, Lemartes, and Seth first, since I know what i'm doing with real metals.

The Grey Knight Grandmaster Commission is almost done. I'm really looking forward to showing this guy off next week. He is a very cool conversion (even though it's been done by a few different painters before). The painting has been good practice with tinted metal and freehand.

We'll see if I can get more than one mini off the workbench this month.

Check back next week for pics of the Grey Knight.


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