Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's on deck for April?

Hey all.

Each month I will be giving a sneak peak of what i have on the workbench. For those who like to buy my minis on EBAY, this will give you a chance to start saving up;). It will also give people a chance to reserve a mini if you want it, before it goes off to EBAY.

For those who don't buy painted minis, but still like to know what I'm up to, this will give you a glimpse into the month's projects.

I don't usually put out WIP shots of my work, as I think that the stages look horrible, and my paintjobs don't really come together until the last few brushstrokes. It's always interesting to see the different ways people approach mini painting. For example, I usually don't assemble my minis until the paintwork is almost complete, so i can get to all the hard to reach spots.

This month I have 4 minis in the works. The first is a Grey Knight Grandmaster Commission. I apologise for the horrible collage, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. So much to paint!!!

This guy is a conversion of Marneus Calgar in his Termie Armor. He gets a Psycannon from a normal GK Termie, a new helmet (Black Templars sprue, I believe), the Force Weapon arm from the Termie Librarian (though I'm not sure where the Halberd bit comes from), and a cute little Cherub strangling a Serpent on his heraldic shield.

There is not as much conversion work on this guy as there was on Mephiston, but some things did have to be changed. All of the Ultra symbols have been filled with Greenstuff, the ammo boxes on the back of the torso have been cut off, and a bit of cloak sculpted over the holes. The arms don't quite fit flush, so some soft armor was sculpted onto the torso to fill the gaps.

The armor has been painted in the traditional metlals, with a wash of P3 Turquoise Ink for a funky sheen. All the bits that are brown will be gold, and the rest will be Red, Black and White. I will be doing a lot of freehand on this guy. The Cherub is just a teaser. He will have some cool trim on the front of his cloak, and a Inquisitorial I on the back. I still haven't decided if the Halberd will be a glowing Orange, or Blue.

I'm trying out the Vallejo Air Metals for the first time. I'm so used to working with P3 Rhulic Gold, which has a dark, rich, base tone. My new Gold from Vallejo is a much lighter tone. I don't like it yet, but with a few washes I should be able to get a base tone I can work with.

This is the mini I'm using for the experiment.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a fanatic for Limited Edition minis. Since I don't play any games, this is my crack. I don't need the newest army, I need that LE I'm missing. I finally got my hands on this guy for a reasonable price, the Web Exclusive Space Marine Veteran Sergeant. Woo Hoo!

Since this is the month of the Blood Angels, I thought it was appropriate to paint him Red. I'm trying to expand some skillset on each new mini, and this guy is no different. Not only am I trying out a new Gold, but I'm also doing a marble effect for the first time on the ruined eagle statue.

This guy will have a bit of battle damage as well, since it's still a new technique for me. I've not tried it on Red yet, so it should be interesting to find the right highlight color for the chipping. When he's done he will be off to EBAY.

Also on deck for EBAY this month is The Sanguinor. A lovely new mini, and a beast of a Special Character for the Blood Angels. I will be using the Masterclass article from this month's White Dwarf, US issue 363. I have admired Darren Lathem's Non-Metallic Metals for quite a while, especially his Golds.

I've never painted NMM before, so it should be an interesting experiment. It will also be interesting to see how well I can match the colors using P3 paints instead of Citadel.

Last but not least I have a mystery mini to paint for an online contest. It is a competition for a pair of mini themed the "Dynamic Duo". I have a cool Helldorado mini in mind that needs Red and NMM Gold, so the two Blood Angels minis will be a good warm up.

Well, the month is already speeding by, and I'm only about 1/4 of the way through what needs to be done. I'm off to chain myself to the painting table again.

Thanks for looking.


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