Friday, December 27, 2013

Captain Bartolo Montador aka Broadsides Bart

Hey everybody.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and got some new toy soldiers to paint.

So, to continue catching up, after I finished Tycho I was contacted by the organizer of the Clash for a Cure. The Clash for a Cure is a Warmachine and Hordes charity tournament, raising money for Cancer Research. They also do an auction for minis painted by some of the top painters around the world. I was honored to be invited to contribute for the 2012 event. This was my first piece for charity.

It was nice to be able to choose which mini I would paint, a rare event in professional painting. I was a fan of all the Warmachine Pirates from the moment they were released. I own most of them, but as with most other commission painters, I rarely ever get to paint anything from my own collection, which covers over 25 years of collecting.

I happened to have Bart sitting in one of my figure cases, all ready to go. Having never painted a pirate before, I was very excited about tackling this guy. Purple is also a color that I have hardly ever used, so that would be a fun experiment. I tried to add a little more texture than usual to this guy and this was my first time sculptng wood planks.

I will do the write-up for the colors and ideas next week. Until then, enjoy the photos and cast your vote.

Thanks for looking. I hope you like him.


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